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Weird early 90s Danish (or Dutch?) no dialogue Kafkaesque film set in sanitarium

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I saw the second half of this film in the early 90s on TVO’s Film International (Ontario Canada weekly program showcasing foreign films). I’m not sure if it was a recent film, or from an earlier period (80s, 70s?).

All I know is it was by a Danish (or possibly Dutch) director.

It had no dialogue, and involved some guy looking a bit like Woody Allen wandering through some sort of sanitarium/asylum/hospital or similar institution. (But I don’t believe it’s The Kingdom, which is all I can find via Google search.)

Nothing made real sense, everything was very Kafkaesque.

Random bang noises seemed to happen, which were later revealed to be from falling cannonballs (or coconuts) from trees.

In one sequence, the guy was “chased” by a mannequin tied by a length of rope to his foot, which he escaped.

In another sequence, he found his glasses and things briefly made more sense, until he lost them again.

I seem to remember a few other people (orderlies, nurse, doctor) somehow tormenting him.

This film would be described as: experimental, avant garde, art film, etc.

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