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Wealthy couple and wife doesn’t want to be a mom so husband is allowed to impregnate another

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Girlfriend wants to watch a movie but we cant find the title:

“There’s a couple, a high earning woman and man, who lives with her. He wants to have a baby, but she’s hesitant to be “mom”, because being mom is so much more work than being dad. So they make an under the table arrangement with a young woman, and she gets pregnant with the guy. And it will be everyone’s kid.”

It does not have to do with the woman not being able to concieve, it is more based on the fact that she is worried about the work of being a mom.

I don’t have much to go on, but I am confident that it is NOT these movies:

Rosemary’s Baby

Immediate Family


Private Life


Shelley (2016)

The way of the Gun

farcry Posted new comment Jun 1, 2022

It could be on this list: