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Watermelon Boobs?

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So, there was this movie I saw when I was younger that came on once or twice, the movie started off with a little Caucasian girl looking through magazines of women maybe like playboy or jet I don’t really know, but it seemed like a southern type home. I’m guessing from the aura it gave off that the parents weren’t fond of each other, but the girl ended up growing up and in a further scene that I can actually remeber she had a kid with her, he couldn’t have been more than 3 years old, the scene was at night and she was parked in a strippers parking lot trying to get a job there. Later on I think she performed for the first time and they told her her breast were too small. She later (after saving up for it) went to a plastic surgeon and dumped the money all over their desk and went back to the club to reveal her new chest and the crowd whooped and hollered. Then I remember a scene where she was sitting on a bale of hay posing for photos in a plaid shirt, and a detective came up and said “She looks like the girl of my dreams when I was a teenager” or something like that. Then after that I remember a pool, drugs, partying, and a unfortunate overdose. Please help a girl out, Google isn’t helping 😭 I hope this was enough details (PS, Cannot remember if it was a show or a movie)

xbrookiexb Asked question Aug 8, 2022