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War movie name ??


Hello everyone I’m searching for a movie I’ve seen a long time ago, I don’t remember much from it but a scene. I think it’s during WW (1 or maybe 2), in that scene, the hero is with other convicted soldiers at an execution (firing squad). Just at the moment where the soldiers start to shoot, the condemned guys “hug” each other and it is because of that that the hero doesn’t die, he was somewhat protected from bullets by the body of another convict. After the execution, the soldiers (I think it was germans) pass trough the executees to check if everyone is dead. One of them see that the hero isn’t but he doesn’t finish him as he did with others (and I don’t remember the reason). The hero survived with broken limbs/bones and been taken care of in a lady’s house close by.
I don’t remember anything else, I hope this will ring a bell to someone

azertyu Asked question Jul 2, 2018