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Vividly remember only one scene – maybe a thriller/action/scifi movie?

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Hey all,

I saw this film years and years ago and I remember it not even being very good but one scene from it has been etched into my memory, recently flashing more and more in my head and now I’d like to find a name for this tormenting vision. I did the usual Google and Whatismymovie searches but my memories are unfortunately too vague for them so I will have to ask real people to help me out. Chances are, I might not even recognize the film by name without someone saying exactly what it is.

What I can recall about the film in general it was possibly some kind of action film with scifi/futuristic elements, possibly from the 2000’s or 2010’s? I believe it had a bunch of heroes (perhaps with guns) to scale a weird skyscraper/tower. To oppose them was an eccentric hacker guy, Joker vibes. The scene I recall vividly is this villain hacker showing up to the heroes (?) to make a speech or whatever, then dramatically turning around and with the two rubber chickens he had in his hands he was smacking them against some pillars or stuff that was hanging from the ceiling as he went. I think this was the only funny/interesting scene in the entire film; must have been because it’s still stuck in my head years later.

I know it isn’t a lot to go off on, but I have faith some savvy fellow might recognize this. I thank you all in advance.

Stonebroke Answered question Jun 10, 2022

Thanks for your answer, unfortunately I doubt it being this one as I don’t recall it being a comedy.


Sounds like a good match otherwise but this film is too new to fit, thank you anyway.