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Virus on plane

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Hi guys,

I remember only little parts of the movie from my childhood.

The movie was about a flight, where there was some virus that was spreading quite quickly (“normal” virus, no zombies etc.). Some people on the flight died, and the cabin crew put blankets over them. Also, there was a vaccine for it, but there was not enough vaccine for all passengers. Some of them wanted to split one vaccine for two passengers, but someone said that it wouldn’t be effective (virus could survive only half of the vaccine). That’s all I remember.

Does anyone know?


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splatter9 Selected answer as best Jul 10, 2022

What year? e.g. when was your childhood?


killing moon?

“pandora’s clock” is also similar but not antidote in it

JoeKing12001 Posted new comment Jul 11, 2022

Looks like it, thanks !