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Looking For a Rare Movie it’s Maybe positive Foreign Could be English Or subtitles Can’t Remember…. Ok so it’s about this girl who plays one day on a Laptop videos of live murders Not to believe it then the game involves her via chatroom she finds out it’s real and playing herself turns out The Whole Place is in on it and everyone wears Animal masks ect She can’t leave her apartment and I remember she drops her cell phone out the window she can’t leave and has to survive off water and food provided by this cult who keeps the game going live delivery to the house every one in the cult is making sure they have control over someone every one but the main character ends up outsmarting everyone in this room without breaking rules police ect probably one of the best movies ever made 2012-20 tops and I don’t think it’s 2020

Justone Posted new comment Apr 13, 2022

I forgot to mention it’s a real movie not like unfriended only part that’s not is the computer

I just checked I’ll try to do it to because the girl in the spiders web
It has to be 2018 2017 2016
Horror or thriller if you didn’t know thriller really is genre

Might as well add simple. Apartment room outsmarting
Maybe a hotel either way she’s by herself and not a home/house

She’s like the girl with the dragon tattoo goth

How she wins against everyone that vibe

it’s like saying it’s the real purge movie and added like… escape room that’s not escape rooms movies and it’s in a place specific
A name made clear after watching I wouldn’t want to live there but the movie really has you saying omg
I’m going to move to this place right now! And after you would think about going how would anyone even know about this is it true is it false they picked this place for a reason.


the den?

if not, one of the “death tube” series from japan?

Justone Edited comment Apr 13, 2022

I didn’t make sure to let you know it’s a real film the whole way except the Pc… sorry

I don’t understand Unfriended Dark web part 2 uses a chat 💬 like irc what I’m talking about. So how many movies can have a chat???

And your right about asia somewhere could be the visiting place as a watcher watching the movie

I’m watching the pact right now first one like that with computer the Star girl just if she was forced to stay and a purge on top of that

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