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Videoed reading of an old man’s will.

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The movie is very old. Black and white comedy about an old man who leaves a video will telling his family they must work for 30 days (or a similar time frame) in order to inherit his fortune. They reluctantly comply only to find they don’t get any money.

purpleryan Answered question Sep 16, 2021

Looks like this movie: Brewster’s Millions (1985) But it’s not black and white.

Thank you. I did look at this one but mine is much, much older and a little different in plot. Thank you though!


Laughter in Paradise Allister sim movie,

Georgina Posted new comment Sep 16, 2021

Thank you! That’s it!! You’ve put my mind at rest. Now I’ve just got to find out where I can watch it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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