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VHS movie about magic with a girl who barks like a dog

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I’m in search of the name of this film I used to have on VHS as a kid! Early 2000’s but highly likely it was made in the 90’s. I can’t remember alot about the film but I know the main villain had a sidekick (both females I believe) that had her hair in two pigtails, she had short hair that was dark and had blonde streaks. She either ends up getting turned into a dog or she barks like a dog. I think it’s based in New York but that’s all I can sort of remember. I really want to find this movie so if you have any idea of what it might be or even if you think it’s a certain movie let me know please. This was not an animated film

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Aug 6, 2022

was the hero a boy or girl?