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Very old TV film I can’t find anywhere

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I am searching for an very old movie, that I can’t find even on the what’s my movie website, no matter what I have tried. I thinks it is 90s movie for sure and what I remember is: some spoiled teenager girl (think she was blind) is lost in the mountains, can’t remember if there was an plane accident or so, but there was also a guy with her and one Native American who was helping them to cross the mountains, because the winter was coming or so and they had very limited time. At some point the native American died in his sleep and the two teens had to go alone and find the Mountains Hut, and finally they did. Anyone any suggestions?

casspir Answered question Oct 9, 2020

“True Heart” (1997)?

From IMDb:
“A brother and sister are plane-wrecked in Canada, where they must rely on the help of a native and his bear.”

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