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Vaguely remembered Hammer (esque/era) horror movie, that I can only remember one scene from!

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Back in the mid to late 80’s, when i was much younger (perhaps too young!?), I was first introduced to some of the classic Hammer Horror films, like the various Dracula movies and Twins of Evil etc.

However, I quite vividly recall a scene from a movie that I have yet to find since, despite revisiting a great many movies from that period.

Based on when I saw the film, it cannot have been later than mid-80’s and as I have said, I recall the film was Hammer(esque) and it was in Colour, so it could have been anytime from mid 50’s.

The scene I remember was a confrontation between a male “hunter” character and a female “supernatural villain” character, but her villainy was concealed with an alter ego. I believe they were in the usually Hammer(esque) Horror “period costume” that you might find in a Dracula movie.

The “hunter”, having deduced her real identity, has invited her to the setting, a parlour/study in which there is a heavy carved wooden chair and many sheleves of books.

The chair back was carved with a large cross and the “hunter” invites the woman to sit in said chair, expecting the cross to have a destructive effect on her, should she make contact with it.

She gingerly takes a seat in the chair, but is careful to sit on the edge and not make contact with the cross.

They engage in conversation and while talking, the “hunter”, goes and takes a very large book from the shelf and starts turning the pages on the pretence that he is finding an engraving to show her.

When he finds the page he is looking for, her shows it to her (and us) , revealing that it is a large engraving of another cross, at which point he thrusts the open pages against her chest, driving her back against the carved cross and pinning her between the two images.

Screaming, smoke, flames and crumbling to dust ensues as the creature is thus detroyed.

It’s incredibly frustrating to so vividly remember a climactic scene like that and not be able to remember the name of the actual film, or to even know for sure that it actually exists and was not some vivid dream!

Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.


Filmlover1984 Answered question May 26, 2022

It doesn’t ring any bells but I came across this article which may lead you to the film via some of the actresses listed. I think we were all introduced to Hammer a bit prematurely, I remember being freaked out by a werewolf way too young!

Filmlover1984 Answered question May 26, 2022