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Unknown drama or movie UK TV 2000s

2.90K views#2 TV2000s drama execution hostages priest

Caught a short sequence of scenes of this movie or TV movie years ago between BBC1/2 ITV1 and Channel 4.

Essentially a group of hostages were lined up kneeling for execution by a black gang, their possessions laid out in front of them. One by one they are taken off from the line off-screen and outright shot dead. As the lead’s turn draws closer, he panics looking at his cross necklace on the ground in front of him and starts desperately praying. This disturbs the woman in the gang and she insists that they cannot execute a priest(? or religious man). Eventually they opt to let him go but all the others continue to be cold executed. Then I recall the escapee going up stairs to an office or something. That’s about it, must have switched over or gone to bed.

slappyhead Asked question Dec 12, 2019