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UK rural indie horror movie w creepy girl with bandaged face (warning: scary)

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I saw this probably in the 2000s or 2010s on Syfy (then Scifi) channel in the US, but it was set in the UK. I really thought it was Irish, but might’ve been Scottish or UK, as my searches of each have turned up nothing. A family (I thot they were English) are driving and get lost in the Irish? countryside in the dark, and probably wreck the car somehow, and are attacked by what turns out to be children. They’re led/controlled by an older girl with a bandaged face. This is the image that stuck with me – she had something embedded in the bandages on her face where her eyes should be, that looked vaguely like eyes, with blood around them. I don’t know if she was a ghost or if the other children were ghosts, or if she was possessed by something and controlling the gang of children. It was a pretty low budget looking indie movie, that was the most interesting thing about it. It had themes of rural paranoia and classism, I could swear the family were English or at least “city folk,” who got lost driving through rural Ireland, and were really frightened of the countryside and what kind of people were there. But like I said, I can’t swear to the country, for all I know I’m misremembering and it was somewhere in Europe, but the family was speaking English, and it definitely was not American. I’ve done a bunch of googling on my own, first for the creepy girl image I remembered, then mostly for Irish/UK/Scottish indie horror movies, bc that’s the only lead I have, otherwise I don’t even know where to start. Thank you for looking!

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Plague Town (2008)

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