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Two men sitting in the bar: one tells a story about an actor and a car accident

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Hi there.

I can’t remember the movie and it’s starting to drive me crazy 🙂

What I remember is the scene: there are 2 men sitting in the bar (one is older, the other younger). And one tells the other a story. There was a car accident, and some famous actor was driving past it and saw a person being hurt. And the bar guy said: “Hey, can you imagine, that person is dying, opens his eyes and sees this famous actor!”.

Pleeease help me find this movie 🙂

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julz_movies Selected answer as best Jul 1, 2021

“The Nice Guys” (2016)?

Not a perfect match, but there is a similar scene in that movie.

julz_movies Selected answer as best Jul 1, 2021

THANK YOU! That’s it!