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(TV?)Movie from the 1990s about the violent rivalry between two boys…

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Hello 🙂

I’m looking for a drama movie (maybe TV movie) I watched on Arte (German-French TV) like in the early 2000s. I think it’s from the UK but i’m not sure.

The story is about two young boys in a neglected/difficult urban neigborhood. They constantly switch from being friends to rivals at school, both wanting to be the “alpha” for the others.

One of them, who is the alpha at the start, is very rebelious ans malevolent, and almost an outcast, I think he doesn’t even go to school and lives (or hangs out) on his own in some kind of abandonned flat. The other boy earns his respect by proving himself worthy (by burning/blowing up cars or even stores). But as soon as he senses he’s loosing his power to the new boy, things escalate between them and it becomes an all-out war.

In my memory, the outcast boy dies (or almost dies… can’t be sure) despite the other boy trying to reason/save him, in the abandonned building where he lived, that was either set on fire or damaged in some way…

I remember the movie being quite dark and being impressed by the fact the two boys would do all this crazy things with no adult supervision whatsoever, with one dying or almost…

Hope someone can help with this, i’ve been looking for years… and i am now battling my memory to make sure I really did watch it and didn’t make it up…haha

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Possibly My Bodyguard (1980)? That movie is not as dark as yours sounds, though.

Darryl Answered question Oct 26, 2020