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Trying to remember movie about an imposter

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I’m trying to recall the name of this movie … guy befriends a wealthy guy and they look similar. People confuse them. He starts deliberately acting like he is his friend and people believe the charade. Eventually, I think he kills the wealthy friend and assumes his identity. He learns to forge his name. The only person who doesn’t seem convinced that the is wealthy guy is the girl. She demands to know what happened. That is all I can remember. Thanks.

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“The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999)?
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:

Quotes from the above Wikipedia page:
“Ripley enjoys Dickie’s extravagant lifestyle, and becomes obsessed with Dickie himself.”
“One night, Dickie catches Ripley dressed in his clothes and dancing in front of a mirror, which disturbs him.”
“They struggle, and Ripley kills Dickie with an oar.”
“Realizing that people mistake him for Dickie, Ripley decides to assume his identity.”
“Through forgery, he is able to draw on Dickie’s allowance, which allows him to live lavishly.”
“He runs into Meredith, who already believes that Ripley is Dickie.”

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