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Trying to remember a movie I saw as a child in the late 70’s or early 80’s

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There’s a movie I watched as a child that terrified me but I can’t remember what it was called, or if what I remember is one movie or a combination of movies that my young mind got confused about. The plot was several young adults staying at an old fancy mansion. One by one they dissappear. The ones that are left see skeletons posed in strange places, like looking out a window and seeing a bench on the roof with skeletons posed sitting on it, or opening their bedroom door to find a skeleton on a seat in front of the door. At the end a bunch of cops are at the mansion looking for the missing kids and they find a hidden room beside a bathroom where there are a bunch of body parts and the last of the kids is in there still alive but both her and and legs had been cut off. I remember at one point in real life a hole was knocked into our bathroom wall by the doorknob, and I was afraid to look into the hole, thinking there would be a hidden room with body parts in it.

Lidldobby73 Asked question Apr 23, 2021