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Trying to find this movie. Adventure / Medieval? / Action / Thriller?

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The most I remember is that 2 guys (maybe teens) are out to save their girlfriends.

There’s a scene that takes place in a desert and they come across a shack with a dark skin man inside. He gives them advice or weapons (can’t remember) before they continue their journey.

They arrive at a castle. When they sneak in, there is a party. (Black and red background / lewd content)

The guys split up and they each find their girls. But instead they are shapeshifters, or girls that can shift their looks to appear as them.

In a scene, one of the girls try to sleep with the guy, but as he refuses, she shifts her face to look like 2 or more other women.

The guy gets away and warns his friend that the girl whom he is with is not his girlfriend.

Eventually they find their girls and escape the castle, only to be followed by a monster/dragon (or maybe a man that transformed into one).

In the end, the guys save their girls.

cj62896 Posted new comment Jun 9, 2021

I feel like I have seen this, but I cannot seem to place it. Are we sure the girlfriends are the main plot? Any memories on the boxart/poster? When did you see it? It was originally in english?

I want to make sure to rule out Bill and Ted, Krull, and Cockhammer, though I feel it isn’t them.

I don’t think the girls are the main plot honestly. I think it’s defeating the monster or preventing a ritual from happening. And unfortunately, it’s not any of those. I wanna say its been 10-15 years since I last seen it. And I’ve only seen it once that I remember. I think the girls would have been a sacrifice.

your highness (2011)?

No, I’m sorry.
I do like James Franco, but that’s not it.

The one key part I remember is the 2 guys sneak into a castle, and upon entering, it’s like they entered a night club and there’s some mild nudity I think. They split up to find their girls, and the girls were able to shapeshift, or transform their body or face to look like family or ex girlfriend. The one guy gets away and warns his buddy about the girl with him. Everything is fuzzy after that.