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Trying to find this comedy film

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Trying to find this comedy film, has a businessman/lawyer who is trying to get some papers signed by another entity but he is a party animal who is always drinking and sends businessman on a wild goose chase.

The party animal chases women around a pool table in his living room.
forces the lawyer/businessman to pay for past due car mechanic bills.
the other entity has a red truck with trash that always falls off the dashboard
is a comedy film.
and i remember the ending they drive off into the sunset with some reggae music playing

watched it on stars sometime in 2009

have been trying to find out what this movie is called for a long time

Stonebroke Answered question Apr 19, 2022

Get him to the greek released in 2010 so i couldn’t have watched it in 2009. and it didn’t have anything to do with music.