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Trying to find the title of an old movie about a really tough big guy

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Trying to find the title of an old movie: a really tough guy fights and beats his way through a corrupt world. He is really big and tough. He steals a car, picks up the woman of his dreams, she gets killed by the morning, he gets shot by police but survives. In the end he cuts the throat of the bad guy with his own broken bone of his hand. He gets shot in the head that’s the end of the movie. At some point one of the clever bad guys who pretended to be disabled suddenly stands up from his wheelchair and leaves ’cause he realizes he can’t win over this very tough guy.

I know it’s crazy but I can’t stop thinking about this movie, I would like to watch it again.

Do you happen to know the title or any info about it ?

Thanks !


ferenczi Asked question Sep 24, 2020