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Trying to find the title for a Coming of age movie


I’m trying to find the title for a coming of age movie I watched a few years back(2-3 maybe), it was probably released 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. But the movie is about this teenage boy (17-18 maybe) who’s just lost his parents, and now moves to a new city to live with his uncle. The boy is really violent, always looking for fights and overall just seeking out trouble, kind of just looking for someone to beat him. Think this is how he copes with the death of his parents. In the new city, he moved to, he meets a girl, who’s able to calm him and makes him not feel like shit. Only exact quote I can remember is when they were lying in bed just chilling, the girl tells him “I love you” and he says something around “I’ll never love you” or “I’ll never say I love you, hope you understand” and she’s okay with it, like it doesn’t matter to her, I think she says “I’ll love for both of us” something like that lol.

Later on in the story, I remember, the boy was involved in some kind of robbery, the police didn’t really have concrete leads but he was a suspect. Around this time I think the boy had a fight with the girl, so they weren’t really speaking. The police came to the uncle’s house trying to find the boy, but he was at work(some kind of meat factory I think, or either a retail store), and the police gave a run down of what they suspected his nephew for and all that, so the police left as he wasn’t there and the uncle said he didn’t know where he was. So after, the uncle rushes to the boys place of work to find him, and finds the girl waiting outside for him, (probably to reconcile the fight) (It was raining outside, this for sure I remember happened). The uncle talks to the girl and tells her to stay away from the boy, for the boys own good, as he is trying to keep a low profile (because of the suspected robbery) and she’s like okay but later on goes to visit him, and they talk things over, and decide to say goodbyes (I’m not too sure, the boy might’ve decided to leave town to escape the heat from the suspected robbery or the girl was leaving) and it somewhat ends there.

I think the movie might have been a British film (70% sure). Thanks in advance if you can find it!

farcry Posted new comment Jun 28, 2022