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Trying to find the name of this movie for so long. Would you help?

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Hello! there’s this movie that I know the plot of but I don’t remember the name at all. It was probably a foreign movie. A group of women take over the world by sending men to mars. Literally. Reason? They wanted to boost the sales of their sanitary napkins which were affected due to people having to too much sex and women getting impregnated or you know being on birth control. They handle the world for a few months or a year and then once the sales are normal they bring the men back.It’s a hilarious movie but unfortunately I don’t remember the name. I hoping you’ll be able to help me find this movie.

ZeroWasteAlice Posted new comment Oct 19, 2020

What year, give or take, do you think it was made?


Lol, sounds like a very funny movie! I hate it too when I can’t remember a movie, I’ve found 2 chilhood movies using Yahoo Answers (One I had been looking for 10 years, the other 15!). And just discovered this great movie community website (FilmFind) that I hope will be able to help me also find my other movies! For your movie, I’ve tried looking for it online (but haven’t found anything like you’ve described yet) using IMDb Advanced Search (,, and – type any dialogue, word, phrase, that you remember from a movie and if they have the subtitles, they should have it! I haven’t found anything myself for my own movies, but doesn’t mean you won’t! I hope you find your movie! 🙏 Alice

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