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trying to find the name of a movie i watched, please help?

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(sorry if none of this makes sense this movie is really bugging me)

the movie starts with the main guy going to visit his older brother for a few days, but when they go out for a hike they meet this group of people and the main guy ditches his brother to go hang out with them instead.

so main guy has the hots for one of the girls and the group of people are also visiting the area and renting a house while they are there. they party a lot and eventually while they are doing that one of them is some how in both rooms at once? and at some point they wake up and all the cups and stuff are arranged in circles. I think one of the people get pushed off a cliff? and at some point the older brother shows up and they accuse him of stalking them or something. I think there might’ve also been a family that lived in the house and they all went missing or something. the older brother shows up at the end and there’s like a circle made of blood around the property. so I guess the thing killing them was somehow impersonating them? (sorry again if none of that makes sense)

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