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Trying to find the name of 1960s-1970s western film

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I only remember scenes from this movie. The beginning starts with a man being led to the gallows, after he’s hanged this photographer is there with a camera and takes a picture of some men in front of the corpse. The movie also has scenes of men in open upright caskets after they’re killed the main character who’s a bounty hunter and I think the sheriff.

The main character looks at some wanted posters, scrunching them up until he finds the right target. He catches his target in bed asleep, when he wakes up and points a gun at the sheriff, the sherrif does something with explosives, and the targets gets up from his bed with in a cloud of smoke. He searches for the sheriff only to get shot dead through a mirror, his corpse falling into a bathtub turning the water red. The sheriff carries the corpse into an office and drops it in the front desk along with the wanted poster and asks for payment, and there are people around him.

At one point the villains of the movie shoot one of two men riding on a wagon. The other man, who looks older, runs up to the younger man lying on the ground and cries over his body. He suddenly stands up and rushes at criminals but the villains shoot him dead.

The villains rob the protagonist naked after they injure him and leave him in the middle of nowhere to die but he’s rescued and nursed by to health by an old woman and who i think is his daughter.

The bounty hunter gets his badge taken away from him, and the villains show up to taunt him, pushing his head into some cake that a lady in saloon made for him. At the end the bounty hunter kills the villains one by one, he leaves the main villain injured in the middle of nowhere to die, and he takes this girl who was shot with him back to town and the movie ends.

The lead actor resembled Tomas Milian, but I’m not sure if it is him. The movie was also in spanish but i am not sure if the movie was dubbed or not, but a lot of the characters did have American names. It could be a spanish or an italian spaghetti western, but I’m not entirely sure.

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