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Trying to find Romcom movie title I saw someone watching on Delta


I was on a delta flight recently and saw someone in front of me watching a movie that made me so curious. She had the captions on so I got a small idea of what was going on but I don’t know the title and didn’t recognize any of the actors. It was a recent film where the main character was a reddish/brunette haired Woman (long hair) who had a pretty young looking baby. The husband or boyfriend cheated on her and left her and the baby. He said in a magazine (I think he was famous) “there’s nothing for me in the Netherlands anymore”. She keeps running into this attractive guy with dark hair and a small beard who almost looks like Milo Ventimiglia. He may be a neighbor or something? At one point the main woman gets drunk And he takes her home and the next day she sees his butt when he’s in the shower. At another point, she brings her baby to the hospital for something and the doctor who takes care of the baby turns out to be the guy she keeps running into. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t find this movie. Can anyone help? This maybe a foreign film or a film that’s not well known. It was definitely fairly recent though.

DK77 Asked question May 31, 2022