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Trying to find an old thriller/suspense film I watched when I was younger.


Im hoping someone can help me track down this movie I remember watching that had a female lead. I think she was maybe a doctor or psychiatrist that had to evaluate an inmate at a asylum or prison. The inmate was the designated antagonist, a hulking, bald dude who is clearly murderous. Prisoner escapes and kills off the staff/police/security and begins to hunt down the lead. This happens at night and I think I remember the female trying to get out and call for help only for some reason she’s trapped as well though I can’t remember why. I’m not sure but I think she escapes through the sewer system or some underground passage maybe and the bad guy even threatens to go after her family (a daughter i think). Anyways, I’ve been wanting to watch it again, and I’m not sure what year I watched it but there’s a strong likelihood it was released before 2000 because I remember watching it on TV. Although I could be wrong and it was released in early 2000s. Would appreciate any assistance on this, thanks!

Oh and it’s set during the night which is why there’s not as much people or staff.

renoraider Asked question Jan 2, 2021