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Trying to find a thriller about an Amnesiac blonde woman


Hello i am looking for the name of a movie about a blonde woman who apparently has amnesia. She takes up with a man and at the end it is revealed that the woman is a lesbian and was using the man the entire time just to get to his money. I remember a specific line of dialogue at the end, where the woman’s girlfriend shows up to kill the man and all three are having a stand off.

Woman #1 (who faked amnesia)- You know, sometimes it really is just about the money.

Man- Oh really?

Woman #2 (pointing gun) Yea really

Then the girlfriend shoots the man dead. They bury him in the basement and they live together with the money.

If it helps the movie also had like a crime thriller angle to it, I remember the man killing a bunch of other people hit man style. It was pretty wild!

Ziggiy Edited comment Jun 8, 2020

No its not “Bound”

In the movie i’m speaking of the woman is pretending to have lost her memory at the beginning and we don’t definitively find out she is a lesbian until the end. The guy she’s with isn’t abusive and doesn’t beat her, but he has a violent past that comes back to haunt him when a guy he used to work with tries to black mail him.

He kills the guy who tries to black mail him I remember him calling him a “greedy bastard” as he kills him.

The woman vanishes and he goes to find her. There is a scene where she is sitting in a bathtub with her eyes closed and the guy is pointing a gun at her and she says something and he responds with “Then why am I still alive?”

Then after that all I remember is the ending. She ask’s him where the money is and he tells her to lock the door, then she follows him downstairs and he shows her the money, then the woman’s girlfriend comes down and points the gun at him. The woman tells him “Sometimes it really is all about the money.” and he says “Oh really”. then the girlfriend says “Yea really” and shoots him.

I’m trying to be as detailed as possible from what I remember. I was about maybe 13 when I saw it and I remember it was a really good movie but can’t for the LIFE of me remember anything except the basics of the plot, some scenes, and the very end.

Hope it helps! Thank you!