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Trying to find a movie: wife is running away from his serial killer husband

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What I remember,the movie starts with a man spying on a young girl for a while, approaches her later and marry her.Time goes by and the wife finds out that her husband is a serial killer, the police ask her help to find proof that he is the killer they’ve been looking for. She finds a box where the husband keeps his victims fingers he cut off. Husband finds out wife is helping police and he stabs her leg. Then she has to run away because he wants her dead. She meets a man who teach her self defence. I didn’t see the rest of it, not sure what happens, but I would love to find this movie and watch it. 80″s or 90’s movie.
Pleas help me if you can, thank you. 🙂

Nina5616 Edited question Apr 28, 2022