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Trying to find a movie/show based on a scene and actor descriptions.

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Description of scene:
Caucasian guy and girl with slightly darker complexion than guy enter apartment, kissing. Guy is wearing a white tank top. Guy pushes girl onto wall, kisses her, goes lower, kisses breasts. Takes off girl’s black top to reveal black bra and medium breasts (she’s also wearing a locket) and squeezes and kisses breasts. Carries girl to a brown couch, girl dips her head backwards to expose chest and guy kisses her some more. Guy looks up at a small framed picture on desk or something. Girl asks something like, “Hey, what is it? What’s wrong?” Guy says nothing and kisses her. Guys gets on top of girl, they kiss some more. Guy pulls off girl’s jeans revealing black panties. They kiss some more, scene ends (I think).

I might have forgotten some stuff. I’ve been looking for this for AGES. Help would be appreciated.

Ryloken136 Asked question Sep 24, 2020