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Trying to find a copy of Winter Flight

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In December 1984 a film was shown, made for British TV, called Winter Flight, starring Nicola Cowper. I was wondering if anyone knows where to find a copy, or if you may be able to point me to a forum that deals with this kind of query. Thank you.

John86 Posted new comment Nov 15, 2020

amazon has the vhs for purchase, but I also think the actually owners of the rights to the film have a place to write them about inquiries.

Thank you VHS_Lives. Very helpful.
As a bit of a novice, I’m not sure who the owners to the rights are – can you advise? I’ve been to imdb, but they list several companies (e.g. Visual Icon, Enigma, Goldcrest). (The video won’t ship to UK – that’s the reason for coming back to you.)