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Tropical island survival movie that aired on US TV in 1980/81…?


This movie aired on one of the major US networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) in 1980 or ‘81 — I don’t know if it was a made-for-TV movie or a (re)broadcast of a theatrical release, but since I saw it on TV I’m categorizing it as TV.

In the movie, a man and three women go out on a sailboat or yacht for the day, leaving from a populated tropical island location and coming ashore on a deserted beach (perhaps on the opposite side of the same island, or on a different island). I don’t know if they came ashore due to problems with the boat or just to explore or for other reasons.

But whatever the reason, they try to walk across the mountainous, jungle-covered island without any survival equipment or supplies. They may be lost or just exploring but the walk turns into a survival situation where they’re trying to get back to civilization/rescue.

Slowly the group loses members as they continue through the jungle. In one scene near the end, the man has been injured and is being carried by two women on an improvised stretcher as the group traverses a narrow trail above a cliff on their right. One of the women slips on the wet rocks and the stretcher tips, causing the semi-conscious man to fall dozens of feet into the water below, where he’s attacked by crocodiles.

In the end, only one of the women survives (from what I recall), and in what I think is the final scene, she emerges from the jungle at a town or resort, injured and exhausted, clothing dirty and torn, but alive.

I saw this as a kid and it scared the heck out of me — and I’ve been wondering ever since what movie it was.

Kind of obscure, but maybe a fun challenge for someone…

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