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Title of movie where a kid goes to live with his brother and girlfriend

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Last resort here. I’m looking for the title of a movie where a kid goes to live with his brother and girlfriend. I’m pretty sure he is taken there by his mom and that it is on an island, but in the woods, remote at the very least.

His brother turns out to be really crazy. His brother fights with some outlaws at some point. The outlaws then come back and kill his brothers dog. The brother then goes on a killing rampage. First, his brother kills a good friend of his because he thinks he slept with his girl. Then a cop comes asking questions and he kills him. Then the outlaws come knocking at the same time that the kid and the brothers girlfriend are hiding from him because he is trying to kill them now.

This is sort of jogging my memory but I still can’t for the life of me remember the title. I hope one of you can help me!

I also remember at some point the younger brother sees his older brothers girlfriend taking a bath and there is a little spark of romance between them. Also, the younger brother is probably high-school aged and the older brother is probably late 20s to early 30s.

pyre35 Posted new comment Feb 15, 2021

was this american? how long ago did you see it? thriller or drama?

I watched it in English and it wasn’t dubbed, so I would say yes? Either U.S. or canada, or at least I don’t remember accents. Probably watched it within the last year and I would say it was most likely made in the last 20 years.

i am digging for this, but the closest is 1% aka outlaws, but i didn’t know if your outlaws are bikers?

Just watched the trailer and that’s definitely not it. I’ve been digging around for it too ever since I started an account on Letterboxd lol.

I remembered a few more details: I think the younger brother is a writer or artist of some sort. Also, the older brother says a lot about doing things for his family, i.e. “family protects family” that kind of thing.