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Title of horror movie in the woods with group of young people hiking/rock climbing



I have been trying for years now to find the title of af movie I watched a couple of years ago. I remember pieces of the plot:
A couple of young girls are going into the woods to go camping, maybe one of them recently split from her boyfriend? They meet a group of young men who are climbing/rapelling in the area. I think they join them but not sure? There is a lot of night scenes where the murders take place and the group is splitting up. I dont remember if the group of guys are “the bad guys” or they get killed too. I dont have specific details from these shots.

But then I recall “the final girl” getting away, escaping from a car with the murderer maybe? I think she finds a house and goes looking for help but maybe the woman who lives there is the wife of the murderer (is he a police man or something?). And then there is a specific scene with the protagonist hiding in their swimming pool and then getting hit in the head with a golf club or a bat of some kind.

I know the last part kind of reminds of the plot twist in seasoning house, but I’m sure this is a different movie.
Can anyone please help me? Would be forever grateful!

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Omg thank you! You’re the best! Been looking for years and then this mf is just called “the hike” hahaha

You’re welcome!