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Title of an old movie about WW2

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The movie is about A pilot flying air cargo drops in WW2 after a night of drinking on base he is walking back to his room when an old Chinese man asking for money, after giving the man some money the pilot goes to walk away when the old man calls over a young woman, his daughter the man grabs the pilots hand and puts it into the hand of his daughters hand says a few words in Chinese, the woman hugs her father and the man walks off into the night, the girl follows the pilot back to his home and because of the language barier she does not understand when he tells her to go home, after talking to his friend that speaks Chinese it turns out the pilot by paying the old man, a village elder im a far off village needed money for his village and as payment for the kindness the old man gave the pilot his daughter in return, the pilot tells his friend that he does not want her and that her father can keep the money and she can go home, he is told that that doing so would force the old man to return the money leaving him in disgrace the pilot begrudgingly allows the girl to be his housekeeper but asks his friend not to say anything about this because he would never hear the end of it from the other pilots in the end after he becomes very sick and out of his head because of it, the girl ” keeps him in his bed” the only way she can think of, after about a week he recovers but rembers nothing of what has happened and she says nothing only that she is glad he is better. After a few months, the girl becomes very clingy and asks to marry in a church, the pilot at this point has had enough and tells her that he was going a mission and wants her gone when he returns when he returns she has left and discovered from one of the nurses, who is pissed at him for getting the poor girl pregnant and breaking her heart, the pilot goes off to find her, the pilots friend explains to the nurses what was going on and what had happened. The pilot finds the girl brings her back and marries her. Months later after the pilot’s daughter is born, a Japanese attack on the base destroys his home, believing his wife a daughter dead he mans anti-aircraft guns so his friend and the nurses can get on the last plane and escape, he is killed in the final attack. Years later the pilot’s friend gets word from a new priest at an orphanage in Hong Kong he is trying to find lost parents for the children, one child a girl was brought in as an infant with a U.S pilots dog tags around her neck it was the pilots daughter, she had survived the attack shielded by her mother who died doing so, some locals had found the infant in the ruble of the house and brought her to a local church

Adam Perkins Asked question Apr 14, 2018