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Title of a Sci-fi horror movie

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I’ve been trying to remember the title of a film I watch years and years ago, I’ve only seen it once and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called.

The plot: A team of mercenaries/soldiers/prisoners(?) are sent to a far off world to investigate a factory/refinery of some sort. They land and find the place deserted except for a room of dead bodies that also appear to be mercenaries/soldiers/prisoners that the current team came from. They start getting picked off by an unknown creature, and after there are only two left they discover the creature was actually a member of their own team that has been genetically modified and they are being used as test subjects for this creature to tests its killing ability etc etc.

I can’t remember how it ends (think the last man and woman standing fight the creature, wound it, a scientist appears and explains everything as usual, the man and woman escape and scientist is killed by creature and refinery blows up whilst they escape). What I do remember is a few scenes: One of them finds a room full of dead bodies that appear to be soldiers or prisoners like themselves; They send one of their team to the ship to check on it, and he gets aboard, hears something beeping and then it blows up. They go and check on him and he’s lying dead outside but that team member is actually the creature and is just playing dead; the last three team members are wandering around and are trying to regroup (main man and woman are together, other man is sperated) the man on his own sees a torch amongst the large containers that are in the room they are all in, thinking its the others he goes towards the light and radios the other two that he can see them. The other two look down the row of containers and don’t see the other man, and the woman radios him warning him its not them but its too late, and we see through the creatures eyes the other man get attacked and killed; the last two alive confront the creature and realise its the team member from before who explains a few bits to them about how he survived the ship blowing up etc.

This has really been bugging me for ages, and I remember actually enjoying this film. I don’t think this was a hollywood blockbuster or anything rather a reasonably funded B movies but just want to find out what this movie is called so I can watch it again. Any and all suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.

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“Alien Uprising” (2008)?


Sounds like Kill Command from 2016 with Vanessa Kirby

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