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Title French film starts with ex-husband picking daughter out of school without ex-wife knowledge


The film starts with a father picking his daughter out of school class without being authorized to it then takes her to a walk spend time together planning go back in time to avoid ex-wife find out that her daughter wasn’t in school when get there to take her.

But father takes a nap and fails to wake up in time and his mobile battery is totally down, causing a caos in the school as he get there back

A very funny moment of this move is when protagonist ex-couple are attending to a neighbors meeting where some are complaining about a couple accused of making too much noise when having sex in their apartment as the accused couple is arguing in defense of their right to have sex as they want

The rest of the film is protagonist ex-couple reviewing their marriage times

I’m not sure but I think it is a movie made after 2015.

Cristiano Conte Asked question Jun 26, 2022