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Three Siblings – One girl and two brothers


It’s been a couple of years now that I am looking for this movie and I couldn’t find it anywhere at all. I watched it once in Telecine Cult a couple of years ago, more than ten maybe. Here’s the details I can remember: the movie takes place in England (or some country of the Great Britain), maybe in the 30’s or 40’s, and the plot goes around three siblings: a girl, the protagonist, and her two brothers. The girl is absolutely hated by her middle brother, who is blonde. The oldest brother is homosexual. They were posh, aristocratic.

Some scenes/quotes I remember:
1) If not the very first scene, one of the first, begins with the siblings, young/teenagers back then, having dinner at a long table in some elegant house, perhaps a manor or a chateau;

2) The girl falls in love with this man. When the girl introduces him to her middle brother, she says to her partner “This reptile here is my brother” (I remember this adjective “reptile”).

3) Somewhere in the movie, during a party or something, her boyfriend or would-be boyfriend is drunk and pass out over a bed. The homosexual brother finds him in this state and calmly explores him with desire, slowly unbuttoning his coat, and when he’s going to kiss the unconscious man, a butler or something arrives and the brother suddenly walks away from the man and says “I was going to try mouth-to-mouth”.

Unfortunately that’s all I can remember. Thanks, in advance.

Onion Answered question Apr 8, 2021

She’s out of my League ?

MCarsten Posted new comment Jan 8, 2022

No. Since it was televisionised in Telecine Cult, it’s an older film.