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This movie started my relationship and I can’t remember the name of it

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So last year I watched this movie on netflix with a special someone and his family. From what I remember this movie is about an older man who gets into this horrible accident which leads him to fall into coma. The family is notified and his daughters and wife rush to his side. There are flashbacks throughout the movie where his wife recalls of how they first met in the 50s~. She used to work as a food server at a military base. Her now husband fell in love with her at first sight and would try talking to her and make small talk to get her attention. Every single day he’d look forward to getting a scoop of some food and talking to her. Knowing that her father was a strict sergeant/lieutenant/general?? (upper military man) who did not want his daughter dating a soldier, she did her best to ignore him the first couple of time. As much as she wanted to obey her father she couldn’t forget about this man. They begin dating and going to the movies. Eventually she invites him over to diner at her parents house where she lies about what he does in order to hide it from her father. To test how much this boy truly loves his daughter, the father starts making this man do chores around the house like yard work, fixing up cars, etc. Soon enough the father finds out what he really does for a living and bans his daughter from meeting him. Obviously the daughter ignores her father and runs back to her man. Back to the current time, doctors keep telling the family that there is little to no hope he will make it back from coma. The wife and daughters refuse to let their father be disconnected. The wife doesn’t leave his side even when she begins loosing hope.

VHS_Lives Answered question Aug 6, 2021