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This is a tough one: a deflating guy, not from a movie


I gave up looking for this footage (more like inch-age: it’s very short) long ago. But what the heck? I’ll try one more time.

I believe the year was 2009 and my family was in a hotel in Vancouver, WA. The kids vividly remember the scene to this day. I missed it, maybe I was in the bathroom, but I heard it retold 1000 times, so I know it by heart. 🙂 Here goes: this guy is lying on a hospital-type bed with tubes connected to him. In comes another guy and wants to disconnect the tubes. The first guy is screaming: “No, no, don’t do it!!!”, but the other of course proceeds to do it. He rips a tube and the “patient” DEFLATES like a burst balloon right in front of our eyes.

The biggest problem identifying this is that 99% the scene was NOT from a movie. It was either a commercial or a scene from one of those endless also-ran TV shows.

janeaus Unselected an answer Feb 22, 2022

sounds like from Naked Gun series or Top Secret lol, maybe it was in an episode of Police Squad
could be even Airplane! movie deflating autopilot scene 😛
or maybe Carry On Nurse or Dr

janeaus Posted new comment Feb 22, 2022

Thanks for trying to help!

It’s not Airplane! for sure. Watched it recently 🙂 But the rest, I need to take a look!