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the title of the movie

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it started like 3 children, the oldest one is a girl, second is a boy , and the youngest is a girl too.
so that time their home caught fire and the parents died,so no where to live ,there’s one guy that want the familiy’s inheritance.
the way to get it is to find the oldest girl. somehow the children know he was a bad guy and try to run.
the bad guy was a make-up expert, i mean really expert like he even become like someone else, sea captain with only one leg for example.
the children is like having a adventure running from him, jump between collapsing houses on a cliff formed near the ocean. using a small boat across the sea to a cave with a leech eating-flesh around them that can smell food from afar.
i forgot about the rest of the story but almost to the end when the guy finally caught the chlidren and makes like a opera or something
and tries to marry the girl so he gets the family’s luxury but so much happen he failed. that’s all i remembered.
also the youngest child has like strong teeth, strong enough to bite a table few inches taller than her and carry her whole body.
one scene of the movie, she also friended with a giant yellow snake that everyone thinks the snake would eat her

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