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The thriller suspense movie of Steve Buscemi in wheelchair


Hi all, I have seen many movies about 600+ (English) and Im having hard time remembering the movie of Steve Buscemi. If anyone knows that movie, can you please please, pretty please let me know the name of movie. So I’ll try to give below all the things that I remember from movie.

1. Steve Buscemi is in movie (obviously)
2. He was in wheelchair in movie, I guess.
3. The plot I remember vaguely is there are bunch of people who trapped in some area & getting hunted & killed one by one in night.
4. Steve Buscemi’s character had hidden gun with him

I tried to go through & search online from Steve Buscemi’s movies list but not sure which movie it is.
Also it is not “things to do in denver..
So again please if you got this movie please let me know. Thanks in advance.

casspir Posted new comment Sep 1, 2019

You sure Steve Buscemi is the one who is in the film?