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The movie that I’m looking for is about people getting microchipped

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I don’t really remember when I saw it, but it was a couple years ago, here’s what I remember:

– A scene where some teenagers were part of the military and had to go to some place and use special goggles to see who to shoot at night
– The goggles showed people’s brain with a color red meaning that there was something “wrong” with them and they had to be exterminated
– A scene where a doctor shows a kid in a paralyzed stage with a creature eating their brain, thus to convince another kid to get a kind of microchipped implanted (to avoid the creature getting in their brain too)
– At the end the teenagers realized that the people they were killing were just normal people that never got microchipped and everything about the microchip was just a total lie to control everyone.
Please if you remember something like this or, an actor/actress that participated in this movie let me know!

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“The 5th Wave” (2016)
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:

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Thank you so much!