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the most impossible movie to be find (animated movie)

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Hello, how you doing ?

I need to find a movie that I watched at 6, serious every time I search and dont find I think to cut myself (just kidding), to be honest I just want to find it so I can live in peace, even if I can’t watch it.
First the technicals information :
-the release date of the film was before 2004, it’s asian animation, an animation similar to studio ghibli
Characters :
– A RED quadruped animal (apparence similar to lion,dog,fox,wolf) who eat metal and spits fireball (for reference imagine “Red XIII” from Final Fantasy )
– A red demon / devil (villain) skinny with long extremities, hair, fingers.
Now my memory informations : I remember that red wolf was in a prison, than a guy save him and they have a adventure. The red wolf if im sure eat metal(everything) and can spits fireballs, the story its something like the devil who use a human skin its looking for 6 pieces or one object with magical powers to control the time. The final scene its the wolf vs devil, everything looks like fantasy feeling like the end of time some type of final battle to save the world.
Considerations : I find that movie one time at 10 years old, searching on google to “jinsaku”(I remember that was the movie name) and the words “sands” “time” “gold”, I find to buy in asian movies sites but not to watch, after that everytime I try to find if I put sand/time appear prince of persia or red fox appear naruto;
If you find that movie I will be eternally greatful, Im not exagerating.

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Debonair Selected answer as best Oct 4, 2020


I knew I remembered finding this before 🙂 This is a spanish film. Your jinsaku phrase was close…

Debonair Posted new comment Oct 4, 2020

thank you very much for finding it, i was already going crazy. When I posted I was already hopeless for anyone to meet, but thank you very much, have a great day / week / month / year. It’s a simple thing but it helped me a lot, thanks again.