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Terror movie

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It is a movie I watched twenty years ago on VHS when I was a child. I’m sure this movie is from 1985-1998. It looks like a movie in which a woman with short hair worships a demon. I “think” that this demon has a name similar to “Odin”, but I’m not sure. She appears to have a snake-like power, with its teeth growing when she attacks. I remember two scenes: she sees a religious painting on the wall and spits corrosive acid on it making a snake’s noise. In another scene, she receives a young boy, seduces him and when she is going to have oral sex, she eats his penis (not a graphic), injecting something that makes the boy’s body immobile with him alive. She ends up killing the boy by dipping him in her bathtub. Thanks anyway.

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The Lair of the White Worm (1988), Ken Russell’s lurid adaptation of a horror novel by Bram Stoker.

An archeologist, working a dig at a bed and breakfast (once the site of a convent), unearths the skull of a large snake. He believes it may be related to a local legend of a giant worm slain centuries earlier by the Lord of the Manor. The archeologist somehow connects the skull, and various disappearances, to a Lady who lives in the area. Lady Sylvia, is in fact an immortal priestess of an ancient snake god, Dionin.

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YEAH MAN thank you! I didn’t remember that movie! Thanks!

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