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Terrible movie I cant remember!

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I’m going crazy trying to remember the name of an awful Skinemax type 80’s movie that seemed to always be on when I was younger. It took place at a summer resort with a bunch of people working at the resort were trying to hook up etc etc. I remember one of the weirdo characters, a bartender put a frog in a blender and served it to one of the bad guys. And I remember there was the token fat friend in a god awful fat suit who spends the entire movie swimming laps until he emerges skinnier and the main girl decides to hook up with him at the end.

Its driving me crazy and am hoping someone also remembers this seminal Skinemax classic! It was probably late 80’s , early 90’s…

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It’s called ‘Summer Job’:

The trailer on imbd has got the frog scene in it.

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Bubble! You are my hero! This has been nagging in my brain for like 30 years. I kept finding Hot Resort but that just wasn’t it. You kick ass. If I saw you I’d buy you a frog in a blender.


hot chili?
one of the many “lemon popsicle” films?

VHS_Lives Answered question Jul 25, 2022