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Teleportation movie

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Similar to Jumper, Impulse
was probably released between 2005-2015

I only remember some scene:
Father has supernatural teleport abilities. tells son (about 5-10yo) to close his eyes under a blanket (makes him believe its a magic trick)
then he teleports with him to some other place
theyre being hunted by some organization which have a device/sound that stops him from doing it
at the end one of them gets captured and/or shot

Tim Answered question Aug 12, 2021

Maybe the 2012 Bruce Willis movie Looper? I’m not very confident about this answer though.
Been a lot of years since I saw it, and I don’t remember that specific scene with the kid and the blanket. But it had a lot of time jumping and a kid, and I think a death scene at a farm at the end. Plot was I think about a young hired killer sent back in time to kill his older self, who just wanted to escape into the past.

Filmfind Changed status to publish Sep 15, 2021

nah its not looper
had nothing to do with time travel etc.

Could this be from either the show “Alphas” or “The Tomorrow People”?