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Teen love film in years between 2000 and 2015

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Hi guys, first of all i want to say that my english is not that good

i’d like to ask if someone can find a film where there are these 2 teen/kids in love, i watched it when i was little and i think it was create in the years between 2000 and 2015.

the film i think is american but i’m not sure because i have watched it dubbed, it all starts in a little old town where there is the main character who has a group of friends, he and his friends if i remember correctly fight along with some punks/bullies, then he met this girl and they hang out with eachother until they start to feel feelings.
that’s it unfortunately, if i’m not mistaken there are sequels of them growing up in their middle teens and in one of those sequels i only remember that they try to enter in a prison for some reason but i don’t remember why and mby in another of those sequels she gets a sort of illness (mby cancer)
I’d like to rewatch that film again if someone can tell me the name
ty 🙂

Filmlover1984 Answered question May 26, 2022

Sounds a little like My Girl but maybe a bit early?

Filmlover1984 Answered question May 26, 2022