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Techmasters P.E.B. Lyrics To Movie

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Techmasters P.E.B. song is called Machine and another song is call DPE There is lyrics in the two songs that I remember from a movie. For over 25 years I been trying off and on to find the movie. I am certain it is from a movie. Closest I came to finding it was HG Wells, War Of The Worlds. Any information will be great. A movie name, a passage in a book. Here are the full lyrics I copied down. ((Something is going on here. Something is wrong, something is really wrong. No one would believe in the last years of the nineteenth century. We were being scrutinized, minds immeasurable superior to ours. They drew their paths against us. It was the machines. I don’t think we can make it. Next day the dome was a brilliant fiery red. All that remained was this ultraviolet. And no one and nothing was left now to fight them. We can’t win. This is my territory. We must use caution. Huston come in.))


VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 28, 2020

Other than HG Wells, these are direct samples from the songs


The machines gives these 2 samples as refrence…