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Suspence/Horror movie with time loop and supernatural elements

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No surprise, but spoilers ahead. I have been searching FOREVER for this film but it’s like I made it up!

I believe it’s in the 2010s, but it could be earlier, there weren’t too many special effects that I can recall so it’s hard to place. I saw it on tv a few years ago while channel flipping and haven’t seen or heard about it since.

It’s a horror movie that starts with a woman driving while crying, she seems to settle down as she gets to the house she’s driving to. When she gets there, there’s a party happening and I believe they had just graduated high school (I remember talking about college plans or traveling). They hang out for a bit and one of the guys in the group does a magic trick where he puts a spoon in a cup of water and it looks bent, and when he takes it out, it actually IS bent. They use a ouiji board for a bit (but maybe don’t say goodbye?) and then a girl in the group gets electrocuted. They are getting ready to call an ambulance but she suddenly wakes up and they let her rest on the couch. She’s there for a bit and then she gets up and is acting a little odd. She does the same magic spoon trick, but instead of bringing up a bent spoon, she makes it vanish into nothing. She then seduces one of the guys there. While they’re having sex, she asks him how it feels to be having sex with a dead girl. he’s surprised and then she suddenly LOOKS like a ghost/corpse and then she kills him.

A girl is in the bathroom for a bit and something happens with the mirror, but she can’t help herself and starts pulling her own teeth out and maybe cuts her face or pulls her own jaw apart. I’m not sure too specifically there but she was in the bathroom.

One guy dies in the hot tub as he was closed in there and the temperature raised and he was burned alive. And then we find another guy who was hiding in the closet when he knows something odd is going on, and he gets shot by his past self (oh did I mention there’s a time loop in here somewhere? I’m not sure where it cuts into place, but by then we know that something odd is going on with time).

The girl that was last to the party is running from an abusive father(?) and he shows up at the party for a bit and starts attacking her, but gets killed in the house as well. The movie ends with the first girl running away and she gets into her car, crying as she drives off from the murder house. As she continues to drive, her tears slow and she pulls up to the same house again, completing the time loop and starting the night over.

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pori Selected answer as best Apr 30, 2021

The jaw ripping scene is in Mirrors (2008).

Nothing else matches though.