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Successful rescue operation from cave, army movie ,GPS location alert, command center

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I don’t know why I can’t fınd it but plot goes like: Terrorists kidnap some civilian uniformed diplomats etc ınto a cave inside a partially tropical forest. While in their cave prison in tropical jungle, hostages are activating a secret pencil formed GPS device to signal their location to the operation center. Then a successful rescue operation takes place with helicopters.

helix Edited comment Aug 3, 2020

What do you think, when was it made? When did you see it?

It was a color army movie, considering the now primitive small tactical GPS pencil device activated when twisted and popped a visual loacation alert at the world map on the wall screen at the operations command center, it should certainly be pre 90s even pre 80s and 70s. That cave, covert tactical GPS pencil, diplomats, crisisis, successful rescue operation and cave are all very resourceful to find out title but I can”t find anything, maybe you may ask someone else you know too to check out, it was a nice movie. Thank you btw for your help expert casspir. Also I saw it very long time ago nearest around 90s and 2000s.